Leah and Garvey’s Lilith Fair Wish List

2 11 2009

With the return of Lilith Fair looming on the horizon, Leah and I have put together our wish list of bands that we’d like to see on the tour.  Leah requested that I let you all know that her original wish list was about 6 times as long as it is now, but I sat on her and gave her noogies until she agreed to shorten it.  I just can’t edit that much.  I don’t have the attention span.  Since we’re huge lesbians, we’ve done this in softball terms for you.  Now let’s get out there and have a clean game!

First to bat, Leah’s Lilith Fair Starting Lineup:

Indigo Girls – Duh. No explanation necessary.

Imogen Heap – Have you ever seen her in concert? She’s amazing. She literally sound-engineers herself while on-stage, creating, looping, mixing and combining distinct sounds to weave together her songs. It’s really incredible to watch.

Missy Higgins – Cute lesbian who plays guitar and piano while simultaneously telling breakup stories in an Australian accent? Yes, please.

Bonnie Raitt – Legendary songwriter and singer who can still belt it out with more soul than just about anyone. She manages to look better with age, a phenomenon I like to call Diane Lane Syndrome.

Edie Carey – Such a beautiful voice and every time I’ve seen her perform, her between-song banter has had the audience in stitches. Voted Most Likely to be Famous in my one-person Most Likely To Be Famous Poll 2008.

Rose Cousins – Incredible songwriting and soulful lyrics. She’s big in Canada. It isn’t just a t-shirt, it’s the real thing.

Garvey’s Lilith Fair Starting Lineup:

Tegan and Sara – Duh.  They are two of the hottest musicians out there right now so I don’t see why Lilith Fair wouldn’t do everything in their power to get T&S on the bill.  Not to mention that they’re also Lilith Fair alum.  And I’d like to have a litter of finger babies with either of them.

Gossip – Beth Ditto is THE diva of the Indie/Punk scene.  She owns the stage, has an amazing voice, and she and her music are totally inspirational for us gay gals and boys.  As a side note, I’ll probably start a Beth Ditto religion sometime soon.  The Church of Dittology.  I wonder if Tom Cruise will join… we will be gay friendly, after all.

Brandi Carlile – Brandi’s music is already in the vein of Lilith Fair type music.  She’s friends with, and often tours with the Indigo Girls.  She’s a big mo.  Her latest album is one of the best of 2009… need I go on?

Bat For Lashes – Bat For Lashes appeals to my most emotional, moody, stereotypically girly side.  So… since this is an all chick extravaganza, BFL clearly belongs.

Daphne Willis – Daphne is my newest local fave and also my main pick for taking over the world in 2010.

*Leah already put Edie Carey and Rose Cousins in the starting lineup.  I’d like to put them on stage together.  They’ve played together quite a bit and, while they’re both amazing solo artists, I like their chemistry onstage and their voices sound beautiful together.

Leah’s Bench Warming List:

Fergie – Went from Isn’t That The Girl From The Black-Eyed Peas? to Doesn’t She Have A Few Songs And Isn’t She Married To Josh Duhamel? No voice, and a product of the Music Marketing Machine.

Jessica – Again, Music Marketing Machine. Can she play an instrument?

Miley – I should just shorten Music Marketing Machine to M3. So, M3 and her whole existence is designed to 1) build the Hannah Montana brand and 2) fulfill her father’s dreams of success despite a lackluster mullet-topped career.

Ashlee – See Jessica.

**Garvey agrees with Leah’s list of pine riders and would like to add Katy Perry for having the most annoying song ever written about something I love to do (kiss girls).  Garvey would also like to point out that Leah clearly just hates mullets.


Rose Cousins House Concert, Chicago 11/23/08

1 12 2008


I recently had the surprising pleasure to see Canadian singer/songwriter Rose Cousins perform at a local house concert. I say surprising because, if you haven’t noticed yet (and thus don’t read this blog regularly-which I can only assume means you don’t know how to read at all), I’m not a huge fan of singer/songwriter/folky/chick-with-guitar type music. I leave that to my fellow blogger, Coops, and my various lesbo friends who drool over girls with acoustic guitars. Rose Cousins, however, may have turned me.

Rose’s singing seemed completely effortless, and from the moment she hit her first note, I was mesmerized. Since I’m a bit of a novice in this genre, I don’t really have any other musician that I can think of to compare her to. But if I had to make a comparison at all, I’d say this: Sometimes (on preferably cold or rainy days) if I can get an afternoon to myself, I like to curl up in my favorite corner of my couch, next to the window, and just write to my little heart’s content and reflect on life. I don’t know why, but having that time to do nothing but think about myself and my life, always leads me to this sense of happiness and thankfulness. And, that reflection always includes good times, bad times, and all times in between. The constant is that they’re the best times of my life. I’ll sometimes lose myself for incredible stretches of time in these thoughts and memories. That’s what it’s like to listen to Rose Cousins. It’s like losing yourself in the best parts of life.

You can check Rose Cousins out here.

Posted by Garvey