Happy Birthday Neil Young

12 11 2009

Happy birthday to one of the best singer-songwriters to ever come out of Canada.

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New News and New Songs From Tegan and Sara

28 09 2009

According to their website, Tegan and Sara’s newest album, Sainthood, is set to go on pre-sale today (album release 10/27).  With the album pre-sale, fans can also purchase three books chronicling the lives of the Indie rock darlings over a good portion of their tour in support of The Con and while they worked on Sainthood.  The books, titled On, In, and At, will also feature writing from openers such as Dallas Green, Northern State and An Horse, and photographs from Lindsey Byrnes and Ryan Russell.

The band premiered six songs from Sainthood last week at the Rifflandia Festival.  It sounds like Sainthood is set to be their best album yet!


The Ocean

On Directing

The Cure

Red Belt


I do believe you can find the youtuber who posted these vids at http://twitter.com/wojo4hitz. Thank her for her awesome videography.

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The Veronicas Cover Muse’s Uprising

21 09 2009

I love this as much, if not more, than the original.

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I Heart Gossip

18 09 2009

Can we all get together for coffee or something one day and talk about our deep, deep love for the Gossip?  Their new album was in my top three this summer and I have been having a pretty hardcore love affair with them (heavy petting and all) that they may, or may not know about.  Probs may not.  Anywho, I’m planning a much lengthier album review/declaration of my love, but for now I leave you with this lovely video to add a little musical sunshine to your Friday. Golden lipstick is magical, btw.

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An Horse: Camp Out

18 05 2009

An Horse just released their first official video off of Rearrange Beds, Camp Out. Enjoy.

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Rhymefest: Chicago

18 05 2009

The official video for Rhymefest‘s new single, Chicago, directed by Konee Rok. Consider this your explicit lyrics/bad words spoiler!!! (What? We never claimed to be hard core here)

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Bohemian Rhapsody On Atari And Scanner

4 05 2009

That’s right, folks.  YouTube user, bd594, has taken a bunch of old computer parts and mechanical devices and turned their sounds into Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  Bd594’s “band” includes an Atari 800XL for the lead piano/organ sound, a Texas Instruments TI-99/4a as lead guitar, an eight inch floppy disk at bass, a 3.5 inch hard drive as the gong, and an HP ScanJet 3C for all of the vocals (recorded four times over to get everything).  Clearly it’s not going to be pitch/tone perfect, but it’s pretty damn cool regardless.  Check it out –

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