Weezer Mashes Lady GaGa And MGMT

2 12 2009

Check this awesome mashup of MGMT’s Kids and Lady GaGa’s Poker Face that Weezer rocked last night at the Aragon here in Chicago.  Thanks to youtuber stephapelvis for grabbing and posting the vid.

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MGMT’s Kids By The Mentalists On iPhones

2 03 2009

This is just really, really cool.  This is a video of the band The Mentalists playing Kids by MGMT using Apple Apps on their iPhones and iPods.  The Apps they used include Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth and DigiDrummer Lite.  In other news, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have decided to split time between their new titles of God and President of the World.

Thanks to our buddy Leah for always knowing what’s new and cool and shooting us the link to this vid.

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coldplay vs mgmt vs daft punk? yes they can!!!

5 01 2009

um… this is like a bowl of cap’n crunch with chocolate milk and pop rocks…

check out one of my favorite blogs PMA, prettymuchamazing.com. luis has this breakfast of champions, “kids in technicolor” posted there in a pop out player.

coldplay rule my world. MGMT made one of the best cds of 08. daft punk? well…i attained nirvana when i saw them live. one might argue that mashups are not a big deal anymore b/c of autotuning and beatmatching, but i might disagree…there is a sonic algo-rhythm about matching songs…. this is not the best i have ever heard, but…..

just go listen and have some fun.

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