Hey Champ

18 05 2009

m_7deac57e603d4fa1b910a1988fcddae2If you’ve never heard of Chicago’s Hey Champ, you need to check them out now. And when I say now, I mean, stop reading this post and go!

Hey Champ just came off of a tour with The Sounds and are playing a few shows in the Chicago area until they hit the main stage at Lollapalooza in August. I love these guys. The music is commanding, in a way. It’s the kind of music that you listen to while you’re alone and doing nothing so that it can wash over you and take over every sense. Click here for Hey Champ’s myspace page.

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Rhymefest: Chicago

18 05 2009

The official video for Rhymefest‘s new single, Chicago, directed by Konee Rok. Consider this your explicit lyrics/bad words spoiler!!! (What? We never claimed to be hard core here)

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The City Has Eyes

29 04 2009

nighteyesIf you happen to be in the mood for some local, weird, electro-pop, I suggest you check out, Eyes. Wicked popular in the U.K. (on Seed Records), somehow unsigned in the U.S., I personally like these guys because they entice people to attend their shows by saying that they want to make babies with them. That’s my kind of band, kids.  Check Eyes out here – http://www.myspace.com/iieyes

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Whatcha Doin’ Tomorrow Night?

18 03 2009

Thursday evening plans? Yes? No? I know that 30 Rock and The Office are on, but I think you should let your DVR take care of those shows, get off of your couch, and head down to Zella in Lincoln Park to check out my buddy’s band, Veipa Cray. Veipa Cray will be hosting their first CD release party and show at 9:00 p.m. at Zella, 1983 North Clybourn Avenue.

Veipa Cray is an awesome, up-and-coming local band. Catch them while you can! And come say hi to me and buy me a beer while you’re at it!

You can check Veipa Cray out and give them a listen, here.

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Meet London In Chicago

25 11 2008


I had never heard of Chicago’s London Anderson until I saw her take the stage at The Abbey Pub a few weeks ago.  The diminutive acoustic rocker makes up for size with a presence that commands attention and brings forth smiles.  I mean, the girl is adorable and talented as all hell.  She seems at home on stage and connects with the audience almost immediately.  I’ve been listening to her music over the last couple of weeks and have quickly become a fan. Her lyrics are insightful and, by the end of the song, have wormed their way into your heart and made themselves right at home.

Check London out while she’s still playing the smaller, more intimate venues, because I’d guess that she won’t be playing those for much longer.

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The Locals – Big Picture

17 11 2008

The Locals (one of my favorite Chicago bands) just released their music video for the title track to their latest album, Big Picture. Check it out and give The Locals some love, m-er f-ers!

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Jon Langford: Song Paintings

13 11 2008


Chicago music giant, Jon Langford, is a man of many interests, to say the least.  He is a member of the band, the Mekons, has lent his musical stylings to multiple other artists, he draws a comic strip, has written a book, and has done musical work on This American Life. Now Langford will premiere his own personal painting at the show, “Song Paintings” at the Thomas Masters Gallery this Friday.  “Song Paintings” is exactly how it sounds –  a show of artwork that has been inspired by and intertwined with music.  Gapers Block has a great article on Langford and the show here.  Otherwise, check it out tomorrow, Friday, November 14, 5:00 p.m. at the Thomas Masters Gallery, 245 West North Avenue, Chicago.

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