Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

30 11 2009

One night, a long, long time ago, in a dirty hotel room full of empty booze bottles and used condoms, David Bowie, Jon Bon Jovi, and Cher had a threesome – or ménage à trois if you prefer- and pooped out Adam Lambert.

I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not that’s a good thing. I’ve listened to For Your Entertainment multiple times now, and I’m quite honestly just feeling ambivalent about the whole thing. I am a poor soul who is forced by people in my life to watch American Idol every year. Last season, Lambert was the only thing that got me through that show. He was my sparkly, glittery, makeup-y shining star. And I have to say that I’m disappointed. This whole album is just so, “meh”, and no matter how much I listen to it, I can’t get a feeling of who Adam Lambert is, or what his music’s about. The album is disorganized and doesn’t seem to flow.  It feels like he’s just a tool for the music of multiple other people. A player for a mixtape type of thing. There are a few bright moments in the album, songs that I like to classify as “gay anthem songs” – songs that I expect to be remixed and blaring when I go out to the gay clubs. These include Fever, Sleepwalker, and If I Had You.  I’ll shake my bootie along to these songs when I’m out on Saturday night, but in my head I’ll be thinking about how disappointed I am.

Adam, for your next record, stick to the anthems, buddy!

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Guest Blogger Review: Train – Save Me, San Francisco

29 10 2009


I love Pat Monahan and I love Train, and their new album is great! I’ve had “Hey, Soul Sister” on repeat since I first heard it 2 weeks ago, and when I bought the new album yesterday and realized they had a song about my favorite beach town on earth, Half Moon Bay, they stole my heart again!

Aside from the first track on this new album, “Breakfast in Bed” (which is a little dreary for my taste), Train and Pat Monahan have maintained their unique, playful sound- plus, their frequent references to their hometown (I heart SF) always make me happy. And if you’ve ever seen Train in concert you can picture Monahan dancing around on stage with his feminine hand gestures, and enjoy the album all the more because of this visual. You’ve gotta love a straight man from San Francisco who loves what he’s doing and doesn’t care what he looks like in front of millions on stage. I do!

Train will be at The Vic in Chicago on Nov. 2 at 7:30 pm. If you haven’t seen them before, or if you have, make sure you check them out!

Posted by Guest Blogger Vicki Lee

New Brandi Carlile Today!

6 10 2009

brandi_carlile_give_up_the_ghost_mainBrandi Carlile’s newest offering, Give Up The Ghost, is out today on Columbia. I was planning on writing a review, but I just read the review over at Paste and it’s about 100 times better than anything I’m going to pull out of my ass this morning, so check it out. While you’re reading, you can purchase and download Give Up The Ghost. I promise you’ll be happy.

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Asher Roth: Asleep In The Bread Aisle

19 05 2009


First and foremost, for everyone out there knockin’ this suburban white boy for trying to be a rapper, stuff your gobs. Asher Roth is no Vanilla Ice. The guy can seriously rhyme. He’s not trying to act like he grew up in the ghetto, he’s just rapping about what he knows – college, chicks, beer, and pot. Sweeeeeeeeet.

I mean, Roth has been all over the place, so I’m sure none of this is news to you, my wicked intelligent readers. I’m just here to say that if you haven’t already purchased Roth’s album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, you should do it now. It’s fun – plain and simple. You can give him a quick listen here at his myspace page.

Also, I REALLY like any hip-hop artist who posts a picture like this of themselves on their myspace page.


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Regina’s album artwork and tracklist

10 05 2009


The Calculation
Blue Lips
Folding Chair
Laughing With
Human of the Year
Two Birds
Dance Anthem
Genius Next Door
One More Time with Feeling
Man of a Thousand Faces

You can hear “Laughing With” on RS’s myspace page.

posted by Cooper

NOFX – Coaster

8 05 2009


NOFX’s latest album, Coaster, may have flown under the radar had it not been for Fat Mike pissing off a load of over reactive and overprotective Tegan and Sara fans with his song, Creeping Out Sara.  In typical NOFX fashion, Fat Mike sings about asking one of the sisters Quin (he wasn’t sure which) if they’ve ever ganged up on a girl or had a threesome, along with a few other gross-out lines.  I mean… that’s just NOFX, kids.  They are sarcastic, inappropriate, and a little bit gross.  They are not, however, homophobic (as people have been saying).  In fact, the boys of NOFX are just the opposite – they fully back gay rights and don’t hide that fact.  Anyway, I honestly probably would have missed this record release if it weren’t for those obnoxious fans giving it some press, so thank you, annoying fans, for bringing this record to my attention.  I love it.  It’s no Punk In Drublic (my gold standard to which I compare all NOFX albums), but Coaster is vintage NOFX.  Punk rawk full of self deprecation, and outspoken views of the world around them.  This will definitely be one of my top summer driving-in-the-car-windows-down-rocking-out albums this year.

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Regina Spektor’s new disc “Far”, on the horizon

26 03 2009


Thanks to a friend I count Regina as one of my favorite live performers. I would have never ventured to see her at Lolla 2007. She is quirky and cute and talented and endearing. It has been three years since she released “begin to hope.”

Her new album far is in it’s final stages nipping and tucking and should be hitting headphones the last day of June. She has some new producers she has enlisted. The primary being legend Jeff Lynne, who has worked with the likes of Tom Petty and George Harrison. I hope he/they let Regina keep it quirky.


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