Meet The New Earbudz Contributor!!!!!!

30 10 2009

Hi kids!  Day two of exciting news for you!  Drum roll, please… I would like you all to meet our new contributor, Leah Neaderthal!  Leah is an avid music fan, one of my funniest friends, and founder of this other super awesome web site.  I’m sure that you’re all going to love her even more than you love Oprah.  As an introduction, I forced Leah through a short interview so that you, our lovely readers, can get to know her.  Please enjoy. – Garvey

Garvey: Leah, who’s getting the most play in your iTunes right now?

Leah: Santigold, definitely. I’m kind of mesmerized by her songs. They’re just… cool. She would kick my ass in a cool contest. I also like that she went to Wesleyan. She’s wicked smahht and she don’t front.

Garvey: What do you love most about music?

Leah: This question reminds of the movie “Almost Famous,” where the lead character asks the DJ the same question, and the DJ replies, “In a word, everything.” And then it reminds me of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays the DJ. I like him. Did you see “Doubt”?

Garvey: No, I thought it looked boring. Have you ever seen Happiness? That movie is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.

Garvey: As an avid bicycler (side note – is that the right term?), do you listen to tunes when riding and if so what do you listen to?  If not – whose music is good for spinning, since I know you’ve taught some of those fabo classes.

Leah: Bicycler, cyclist, biker… they all work. I don’t listen to music when I ride – I don’t think it’s safe. I know a bunch of other cyclists would disagree with me, but personally I’m against it. When I spin, though, it’s a must (Have you ever tried to do a spinning workout without music? You can die of boredom). I like electronic music like BT, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method. Sometimes I sprinkle in Today’s Hottest Hits.

Garvey: Do you think that the fact that you have fun, bouncy curls gives you a leg up in the dancing department over straight-haired people such as myself?

Leah: Yes. Next question.

Garvey: Do you care to put that answer to the test in a dance off with me?

Leah: Yes, although I elect H. Reed to be my pinch-dancer.

Garvey: You’re not allowed to have a pinch-dancer and you will lose!

Garvey: Why does Miley Cyrus suck so much and are you surprised that the world has not yet had a Britney/Kim Zolciak crotch shot from Miley?

Leah: Oh, so many reasons. Her dad, whose claim to fame is a mullet and one terrible song, completely bought her fame with the help of the Disney Channel so they could grow the Hannah Montana brand and merchandise it even further (sorry, I’m a marketing geek). Is she even a real person?

Garvey: Maybe she would seem like more of a real person if she did give a Britney crotch shot.

Leah: Ha. Ew.

Garvey: How do you feel about the opportunity to contribute to Earbudz?

Leah: I feel warm and tingly all over. I also feel a hand on my leg. Wait a second. Garvey! Get your effing hand off me!

Garvey: You like it.




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