Quick Hits

29 10 2009

Hi kids, just some quick news for you this morning and then we’ll have a super fun announcement later this afternoon!

First up – Lilith Fair is back in 2010! Yayyyy lesbians! Okay fine, it’s not technically a lesbian event, but if you’ve ever been to a Lilith Fair show, well… it is.

Documents detailing two separate Beatles arrests in the 1960’s – George Harrison’s possession charge from McCartney’s wedding and John Lennon’s possession charge from a raid on his London Flat – go up for auction today. Ready, Beatles fans… aaaaaaaaand bid!

People are all a’flutter over Adam Lambert’s “campy”, over the top album art for his album, For Your Entertainment. I… don’t… get it. I mean, it’s Adam Lambert. And the album is titled, For Your Entertainment. What’s the problem here?

Canadian folk singer, Taylor Mitchell, was attacked and killed on Tuesday by two coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands Park, Nova Scotia. Earbudz sends our deepest sympathies to Mitchell’s family, friends and fans.

According to the Huffington Post, “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” took in $2.2 million domestically from its first screenings Tuesday night. Is it just that there aren’t that many good movies out right now, or people actually care? Spend your money on Zombieland, people! It’s funny and Emma Stone is HOT!

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