Ani DiFranco @ The Vic 9.23.09

24 09 2009

ani_difrancoLast night I saw Ani DiFranco at The Vic on her very own birthday. Unfortunately, she did not, as I had hoped she would, change my mind about her music. I’m just not into it. All of her songs sound the same and I don’t understand why someone with a clearly beautiful voice would choose to rarely use it and instead speak through half of her songs and sing/play off-tune for the rest. The best thing I’ve got from last night’s show is that Ani has these jiggly little legs that move her about in a fashion of dance that was both weird and endearing to me. That’s about it.

Per a couple of Twitter requests that I received yesterday, here’s last night’s set list to the best of my friends’ ability. Apparently there were a few new songs that they didn’t know, so they guessed for you.

Ani DiFranco’s Sort-Of Set List 9.23.09 @ The Vic Chicago

Happy Birthday (crowd to Ani 🙂 )***editor’s note, this smiley emoticon is courtesy my friend, not earbudz, we would like to formally give an eyeroll.
New…Trial of Living?
New… Obama song? Yes We Can?
Smiling Underneath
Sunday Morning
Red Letter Year
Two Little Girls
New… Wired To Me?
Cover-Which Side Are You On?
New… If You’re Not Getting Happier As You Get Older… You’re f*cking Up
Untouchable Face


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24 09 2009
Brita James

Ballllz! I’m saddened by your weak experience at the Ani show. In honesty, I haven’t been since senior year of college, sooo like four years ago? But she put on engaging shows and didn’t speak through half the setlist. I give this setlist, including new/unknown songs, a 6/10. Extremely mediocre. Again, maybe things in the Ani camp have changed but her classic stuff, living in clip (etc.) was always best, especially live!! Also baffled by her encore selection of overlap. In any case, thanks for the update MSG!!

25 09 2009

I agree completely about Ani. I have tried over and over to like her, but I couldn’t get into the music (save for a couple of songs)

29 10 2009

I saw Ani Difranco tonight here in Victoria BC Canada and though I’ve always enjoyed her old music I was deeply appalled when she sang he new song “Yes we can” all about how great Obama is, sure when she came out with the song when he was first on the scene many, many people were fooled by his rhetoric and promises but to still think he’s some great man after all his lies, sending thousands of more troops to the Middle East, making tax payers pay for forced abortions in Africa and a whole bunch of other things, how can she be so gullible? I actually yelled out a bunch of things when she finished singing her song, she did reply to what I said but it was drowned out by people telling me to “shut the f**k up” but I don’t think it was very meaningful as after her next song she went on to say that “though Obama isn’t perfect he’s better then any other choice and he has a big pile of Bush’s crap to clean up”. Doesn’t she realize that many of the same people from the Bush administration are now in Obama’s. doesn’t she see that he was paid for by the bankers as was Bush, I guess not. Sad to say it sorta ruined what I was so greatly looking forward to but what can I do about her opinions other then try to show her a new light in whatever way I can. Who knows, maybe she’s actually going to think about the few things I was able to yell out. Probably not though, maybe after a few more years of him she’ll finally wake up to the whole false left/right paradigm. We can hope anyways, then maybe she’ll start singing about that and make some real change.

3 11 2009

so you’re who was yelling at the show. personally I like to listen to people who don’t just think the way I do. It’s dangerous to only surround oneself with people who have the same views as yourself. I think it’s best to always have our ideas and what we consider to be right challenged…it keeps us honest, keeps us thinking, and help us keep an open mind. what better way to do that then through music.

thats what ani has always done for me. kept me thinking. you may be right, but ani finally having a little faith in the government doesn’t really make her wrong. besides artists need to be true to themselves first….not just write what the fan will like or agree with.

29 10 2009

Jordon you are insane. Bankers are not controlling Obama and Obama has not made taxpayers pay for forced abortions in Africa. What the fuck are they telling you people up there in Canada? Whatever it is, it’s wrong. He’s barely been in office, please show me a President of any country that has made these huge changes that are needed in less than one year. It’s not possible, government just doesn’t move that quickly. You need to either check your facts or lay off the crack.

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