How Important Is Musical Taste?

22 09 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about my personal taste in music and how it is so completely different from that of my better half and most of my friends. The catalyst to my brooding is that over the next three nights, I’ll be attending three shows, one of which I’m into. Tomorrow I’m going to see Ani DiFranco at The Vic, Thursday is Joshua Radin at House of Blues, and Friday is Brandi Carlile at House of Blues (I know I should just set up a tent at HOB). I love Brandi. How can you not? The chick has pipes! Radin I’m not too familiar with, but his style of music falls into that which bores me and makes me fall asleep. For that show, however, I’m at least getting some good time in with a good friend who I haven’t had lots of time with lately. Ani… now this is the show that mainly got me thinking. I just do not like Β  Ani DiFranco’s music. It’s sooo….. I don’t even know. It all sounds the same to me. And that same-sound is a sound that completely grates on my ears and nerves. I know what you’re thinking – Garvey, you’re going to get your gay card revoked. Don’t worry, my friends have had my name on the revocation list for years and it has yet to happen. Apparently I’m so gay that I can continue my dislike for such musicians as Ani, Ferrick and the Indigo Girls (gasp!) and still retain my black platinum gay card.

So here I sit, listening to Matt and Kim, wondering how it ended up that the majority of my friends are into the same kind of music and I’m the indie/punk/rock cheese that stands alone (clearly a stinky cheese). One of my friends enjoys periodically calling me a music snob, but I don’t think that’s true. And to be honest, she’s a huge jag anyway (you’re welcome :/ ). If people come to me with new music that they want me to check out, I will give it the time of day and give it a true listen. It’s just that if it comes from most of my friends or my better half, it tends to bore me.

I like listening to music with friends and I like talking about it and going to shows. It is important for me to have people in my life with whom I share this particular interest. I grew up in a family that was really into music – particularly classic rock and Italian opera. I used to sit in our basement by myself and listen to my parents’ kick ass record collection including the likes of Elton John, The Who, and The Doors. The first tape I ever owned was a Beatles 20 best tape and I know that Luciano Pavarotti is the best tenor that has ever and will ever live. My mom used to refuse to give into us when we wanted whatever fad was popular at school (i.e. hypercolor tee shirts), but when I wanted Pearl Jam’s Ten the day it came out, she drove my little ass over to the local record store, bought it for me, and then left me alone to enjoy it for the rest of the night. I don’t necessarily expect that level of appreciation for my musical loves, but it would have been nice if, when I was trying to play the new Gossip album for my better half and friend the other day, they had made it through more than one song before asking me to turn it off so we could talk.

So, after much babbling, my point is that I wish my better half and friends liked some of the same music that I like. Or at least gave it half a chance. I don’t know, what do you think? Is this something that’s important to you? Or is it akin to caring about what your friends’ hair looks like? Actually, I also prefer my friends have good hair as well. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’m just high maintenance…

I’ll try to get reviews up for all three shows. I have hopes that either DiFranco or Radin will change my mind and turn me into a fan. If not, I’m pretty good at snark.

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4 responses

22 09 2009

i luv your blog and your taste in music and i would luv to be your friend πŸ™‚ tell your friends to take a hike and i will step in πŸ™‚

24 09 2009

Ummmmm…fyi the better half actually does agree with Garvey’s music taste sometimes… there in fact is some overlap… and it’s hard to concentrate on a conversation when there is loud music playing in the background. But I do agree with you about the Ani concert.

24 09 2009

Some music we agree on: Sick of Sarah, Tegan and Sara, Save Ferris, Yellow Card, Rise Against, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Brandi Carlile, Cyndi Lauper… I don’r even time to list all the bands/artists we agree on… and BRITTANY SPEARS!

24 09 2009

Clearly someone has pissed off their girlfriend….

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