Classless Kanye

14 09 2009

It would be Kanye West who does something so idiotic, it makes me come hurling out of my no-blogging hermitdom.  So, by now we all know about Kanye grabbing the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands last night at the VMA’s, interrupting her acceptance speech, to point out that Beyonce had the best music video of the year.  Beyonce attempted to make up for it later in the evening by bringing Swift up on stage with her, and Kanye later apologized, but here’s my thing – where the hell does Kanye West get off thinking he can pull that shit in the first place?  Add this to the bottom of the long list of ridiculous events proving that celebrities feel that no rules apply to them (including those of social norms and mores, i.e. simple politeness).  Listen kids, just because you’re able to sing, act, or play a sport well does not entitle you to free reign over all things idiotic and jackassy.  Yes, I just made up that word.

I just had to throw that out there.  In the end, I really think that this was a simple act of Kanye acting out over jealousy.  Jealousy that Taylor Swift is wayyyy more gangsta than he can ever hope to be.

p.s. – I chose this particular version of the video because it makes me laugh REALLY hard when the youtube poster sticks her own head in there, bouncing along to the beat.

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One response

14 09 2009

In canada land we had to watch the VMA’s on Much Music who cut off the end of the show each and every airing. So anything that happened after Gaga won…well I’m not going to see it. But sooo saw Kanye be a giant douche yet again at the VMA’s. They really should ban his ass!

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