Aloha Mr. Hudson!

19 05 2009


Kanye West has teamed up with British singer/songwriter, Mr. Hudson, for Mr. H’s forthcoming album (8.9.09 release), Straight No Chaser.  Kanye guests on the song, Supernova, which has been released for your aural pleasure here.

Supernova is a good enough song to make me want to hear the entire album.  From what I can gather, it’s not too much of a departure from what Mr. Hudson has done in the past, nor is it too much of a departure from the sound of other, bigger British bands (like, ahem, Coldplay).  I thought that a little touch of Kanye magic would bring a bit more out of it, but it’s still a catchy tune.  Go ahead and give it a listen.  You’ll enjoy.

For more information on Mr. Hudson, you can check out his myspace page here.  He’s quite the dapper looking gentleman, if I do say so myself.

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