Summer Playlist Fun!

18 05 2009

Hello friends! Just in time for summer and nice weather, I’ve got a new weekly post for you. Introducing (drum roll please)…. Summer Playlist Fun! Every Monday, earbudz will bring you a new playlist from one of our super cool friends. And a few from our dorky friends. These playlists are based on what people are listening to now, and I’m hoping that it will give you all some new options for your ears!  Click the titles to listen to each song.

Our inaugural playlist comes from my favorite blogger, favorite comic artist, fellow Battlestar Galactica fan, and basically one of the coolest guys I know – Justin! Please enjoy Justin’s playlist, or else we might laugh at you behind your back and call you names like douchebag.

1. Do The Rump: The Black Keys – I love the idea of skinny white boys singing the blues, and doing it well.

2. Making Me Nervous: Brad Sucks – This song just happened to catch my ear on Pandora. Plus, I have a friend named Brad who sucks so there’s that.

3. Believe (Moon Version): The Bravery – I liked the original version but then I heard this and decided that it’s creepy/Halloweenie qualities make it even better.

4. Indivisible: The Dirtbombs – Reminds me of a chorus some goons would sing from an old timey cartoon, like Popeye.

5. Black Gloves: Goose – To paraphrase another fan; beer and Goose are two of the best things to come out of Belgium.

6. Save Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas: Harry and the Potters – I’m a huge Potter fan but never thought the music scene could be any good. I was so wrong. But, I’m not a fan of Draco and the Malfoys for various reasons.

7. Running the World: Jarvis Cocker – Possibly one of the best songs ever, released by one of the coolest guys ever.

8. Skeleton Song: Kate Nash – I love this song, but I also really like when pretty English girls sing just about anything.

9. Not Fair: Lily Allen – This is the song that Liz Phair would record if she was 22 again, and English. Also, please refer to my answer to number 8.

10. Staring at the Sun: TV On The Radio – Music really helps get my creative juices flowing but rarely does a song, or band, have such a direct impact on my work as this song did. It actually made me decide to kill a character in a story, for no other reason than the fact that I decided it was emotionally necessary to the story.

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