Random Music News

13 05 2009

paula_abdulHere’s a quick round-up of music news that has made its way to my eyes and ears over the last few days…

– Eminem has appeared alongside the Punisher in the aptly named comic book –Punisher/Eminem: Kill You. Yes, I do think that he’d really kill you in real life. I can’t state my feelings about this comic book any better than my friend, Mr. Stratford, already stated on his own blog so just click this link for some commentary.

John Lennon: The New York City Years opened yesterday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in NYC. The exhibit chronicles just about anything and everything you could ever want to know or see in regard to John Lennon when he lived in NYC, including a bag of bloody clothes that he was wearing on the night of his murder. Sad.

– Lunchtime crowds in Chicago’s Millenium Park will be treated to weekly shows on Mondays from Edible Audible Picnics that will feature local and national Indie Rock, hip-hop, reggae, folk rock, and pop bands from June 15 through August 24. Monday evenings, DCA will provide much the same. Yay for stepping outside of the classical music in the park box!

– Rihanna’s record label is currently trying to put out the shitstorm caused by recently released semi-nude photos of the singer and ex-boyfriend/prizefighter, Chris Brown. Oh Rihanna. First you go back to the boyfriend who beats you up, then you get guns tatooed all over your body, and now nude pictures? Is it me, or could all of this have been avoided if she were just gay? Or is that just me wanting Rihanna to be gay? Just wondering.

– Kanye West is REALLY pissed off at people who create fake Twitter accounts in his name. Also, I have a hangnail.

– I think something is going on with American Idol, but I try to sleep through it when my better half makes me watch. Additionally, who can get past Paula Abdul? Not me.  Iwish Bravo would bring Hey Paula back.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

Over and out – Garvey




One response

13 05 2009
Mr. Stratford

Poor Kanye. Boo hoo. The world truly is against him.

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