NOFX – Coaster

8 05 2009


NOFX’s latest album, Coaster, may have flown under the radar had it not been for Fat Mike pissing off a load of over reactive and overprotective Tegan and Sara fans with his song, Creeping Out Sara.  In typical NOFX fashion, Fat Mike sings about asking one of the sisters Quin (he wasn’t sure which) if they’ve ever ganged up on a girl or had a threesome, along with a few other gross-out lines.  I mean… that’s just NOFX, kids.  They are sarcastic, inappropriate, and a little bit gross.  They are not, however, homophobic (as people have been saying).  In fact, the boys of NOFX are just the opposite – they fully back gay rights and don’t hide that fact.  Anyway, I honestly probably would have missed this record release if it weren’t for those obnoxious fans giving it some press, so thank you, annoying fans, for bringing this record to my attention.  I love it.  It’s no Punk In Drublic (my gold standard to which I compare all NOFX albums), but Coaster is vintage NOFX.  Punk rawk full of self deprecation, and outspoken views of the world around them.  This will definitely be one of my top summer driving-in-the-car-windows-down-rocking-out albums this year.

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23 05 2009

This is one of NOFX’s best albums.

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