What Color Is Pink’s Rainbow?

5 05 2009

73966433KD031_Pink_Plays_MeIn a recent interview with News Of The World, pop star Pink admitted to being bisexual. Then, on her Twitter page, she said that it was all false.

Here’s what I’m wondering… who cares? I remember seeing her, I believe on Letterman, addressing pictures that were floating around the internet of her making out with some chick a couple of years ago. She was coy and laughing about it and said something like, “she attacked me!” I honestly didn’t even know that Pink denies bisexuality and claims to only be straight. I’ve heard more firsthand rumors that she tips toward the bi side, but honestly, who the hell cares? Yes, I have problems with famous people who don’t come out because it hurts the gay rights cause. Yes, there’s a possibility that she could fall into that category.  However, she is an open supporter of the LGBT community, so I’m content with that.

Anyway, that’s my short rant about news that I feel shouldn’t be news… and am thus contributing to it being news by reposting. You’re welcome.

p.s. – At least I’m including a totally hot pic.  Gay, straight, bi, scientologist, whatever… this lady is h-o-t.

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