Coldplay gives it back!!! Free EP to every concert goer the rest of ’09.

1 05 2009

Coldplay has a new live EP coming out May 15th. “LeftRightLeftRightLeft” will be given away to every person that comes to a concert for the rest of the year. It will also be available for a free download on their website on  Their summer tour has some amazing support that will include: Snow Patrol, Pete Yorn, Elbow…just to name a few. They hit Chicagoland 7-25 at Alpine Valley.

In other Coldplay related news….They are giving props to one of my favorite electronica artists Jon Hopkins. If you fell in love with the sample that opens and closes Viva La Vida (I did) then you will be stoked to learn that an entire album and 12 min song of that sample will be released this Tues. The album is called “Insides.” The track sampled is ‘Light through the veins.” Brilliant. The piano ending knocked the wind out of me. I cannot wait to hear the new disc!!!! To be reviewed here. BTW, his fans also include Imogen Heap. This could be my darkhorse album of the year.

Summer music season is almost here!!!

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