Justice Remixes Lenny Kravitz

24 04 2009

I love Justice. I used to love Lenny Kravitz when I was a hormonal teenager in the 90’s. Therefore, despite the obvious tone of, “this is crap” in the stereogum article that I read this morning, I was still excited to see that Justice has remixed the Kravitz song, Let Love Rule. Even more exciting, you can get it for free on Lenny Kravitz’s web site if you sign up for his email list.

Free music for the price of your email address. It reminds me of when I used to sign up for credit cards in college for a free tee-shirt. My parents weren’t so happy when I came home for summer break after my freshman year with ten new tee-shirts and ten new credit cards. Clearly the lesson wasn’t learned as I gladly gave my email address in exchange for the free Justice remix this morning. It’s not the best that I’ve ever heard from either artist, but it’s worth the download. Check it out here.

Posted by Garvey




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