Lolla 2009 eh and oh!!!

21 04 2009

I waited with bated morning breath today for the Lolla lineup. The headliners made me want to hit snooze. Then I saw the middle tier bands and I started to giggle a little. Snoop dogg!!! As I scrolled down a little more on the list I started to bop my head more in appreciation.

Lolla here are my beefs… Repeat squared and the heavy 90’s? A large percentage of these acts have played and even headlined in the past four years. And when are you going to give Tegan and Sara a chance to redeem themselves from the heat stroke incident???

These are the rhetorical fodder for thought questions in my head. Are there too many festivals to have  original lineups year after year? Does Lolla have a theme; like are they more rock or 90s? Is three days too long? Is Tool relevant? How does the Pitchfork Festival, 7-17- 7-19, add or take away from Lolla.?

Lolla here are my kudos: new electronica attempts (what is ‘perry’s?), middle tier and “early in the day” acts are solid.

Who will I try and see? Headliners: Beasties and maybe Depeche Mode. Middle of the day is going to be a zig zag around Buckingham Fountain to catch some hopefully great live acts; Lykke Li!! Animal Collective!! Friendly fires!!!! Santogold! Bat for lashes, crystal castles, bon iver!! TV on the radio, Of montreal and Gomez. Spinning at Perry’s KASKADE and DEADMAU5. woo hoo.

Where are they: Doves, Green Day, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tinted Windows, Lady Gaga?

Initial assessment of the line up was a B-. I am giving it a solid B now. I wish Garvey and I could do a mixtape showdown.

More to follow. Hit us up with thoughts, frustrations, excitement!!! Coopalooza, a festival in my mind, will be announced this weekend.

This is the first year I have not gotten a three day pass. I am not sure yet when the single day tickets will go on sale, but I will keep earbudz in the loop. Perhaps I am spoiled. We are lucky to have this festival in Chicago!!!


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22 04 2009

Tegan and Sara hate festivals and aren’t huge fans of Chicago. I don’t think it’s Lolla keeping them away, I think it’s them never wanting to come back to Lolla ever again.

23 04 2009

Yeah I agree I don’t think T&S are huge Chicago fans. Plus they’ll still be in LA working on the new album. BUT if I had the $$ to get to Chicago I would go to Lolla. There are some fantastic bands in there!

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