National “Record Store Day”!!!! This Saturday.

17 04 2009



I grew up on the west coast, so my first foray into a place that sold records and cassettes, was Fred Meyers, the home of one stop shopping…this is pre-Target folks. Then when I moved to California I remember my first trip into Tower Records and a local shop called Blue Heron in Davis, Ca.; mecca to a 14 year old. Often when I would travel, the first places I would look up in phone books and then online, were record stores. In Chicago I would hit up Reckless Records and  Borderline along with Tower and Virgin. The latter being important to me because of their large selection of imports. Then the IPOD hit and along with it, duh duh duh ITUNEs. The digital music behemoth slaying most of its brick and mortar competition.

Over the past two years, the big guns have closed up shop. No more Tower, no more Virgin. Luckily, Chicago still has myriad small independent shops and this Sat, April 18 they will be celebrating with hundreds of other shops around the country, Record Store Day. It all started with some thoughts in 2007 and last year was the first “RSD”  Now it will be celebrated the third sat in April. Pretty cool!!!  There are all sorts of events surrounding the day and special releases and promos will be available.

Even though it is easier in many ways to own digital music, people still have the desire to have something tangible, real, art filled. Vinyl actually had an 89% increase in sales last year. The record store used to be my sanctuary. I would search through dusty bins for hours looking for used compilation CDs to find a nugget of a song that no one else had. The lure of treasure enough to fill a Saturday. Now I admit I push enter and “are you sure” you want to buy. I don’t fumble with the always annoying plastic, trying to open a CD. I don’t discover who the backing vocals are or who the song was written buy enough. Wow…it is time to go back to the record store. Saturday I am going treasure hunting.


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