Lez Zeppelin @ Double Door

6 04 2009

I’ve been sitting at my desk, staring at my computer for the past 5 minutes wondering, “How do I start a post about a band named Lez Zeppelin?”  How DO you even get into that?  I mean… Lez Zeppelin.  Are they serious?  I did a little internet search, and the “all girl, all zeppelin” band has garnered some major attention.  Musically, it’s deserved.  I saw them perform this Saturday night at the Double Door and they were a great Zeppelin cover band.  They hit all of the notes and it sounded great.  As I stood there next to a woman who was either dancing or having convulsions for the entire set, I couldn’t help but wonder… why Lez Zeppelin?  Why would clearly talented musicians spend their lives as a cover band?  And why were they wearing long leather jackets circa 2002 on stage the entire time?  Weren’t they hot?  And didn’t the hugely furry cuffs of the lead guitarist’s jacket get in the way of her playing? 

The reviews I’ve read of the Lez Zep have all mentioned how exciting this band is live, and… I just didn’t feel it.  I could have experienced almost the same thing sitting in my living room playing a Zeppelin album up very loud.  It was basically two hot girls and two not so hot girls, strutting around a stage regurgitating someone else’s music.  Other than the day full of jokes that it provided my friends and I, “Lez meet at 8 for drinks and then go to the show,” “How should we get there?  Lez take the bus,” Lez Zeppelin was mediocre at best.

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