Bloc Party creates summer vibe inside Aragon, 3-28-09

31 03 2009

The weather outside was frightful, but Saturday night inside the Aragon, felt like a bonfire at the beach in the middle of summer.


This group from England knows how to throw a concert. There was a palpable energy around the ballroom. The music made people happy and embrace the statement “dance like no one is watching.”

As a leading man, Kele Okereke, demands attention, but he started out the show with a thank you. ” Thanks for coming out on this shitty night.”  He reminds me a bit of the lead singer from Living Color….he is the cult of personality, but there is a softer side to him as well…thank you Sears. He has a passion for his music, eyes closed, beating chest in time to the music when he is not strumming his guitar.

They played for about 75 minutes which is longer than the standard anymore. They seemed genuinely excited to be playing for Chicago. They supposedly passed on a big gig at the electronica music festival in Miami  because he was sick, but he recovered quickly “not wanting to disappoint 4,000 fans in Chicago!”

Bloc party is a rock band. They do better with bangers like “mercury” than quiet, pensive songs like “signs”. “mercury” is in retrograde, sent me on an internet chase to see if that rift was from peter gabriel’s “shock the monkey.” Many think it is and the video supposedly goes a little ape shiz. And in other homage news….an instumental paid great props to My Bloody Valentine!!! The cover of their most recent album “intimacy” showing the love to MBV’s “glider.”

This band has a littany of sounds and styles, but they all seem to mesh together well. There were definitely new and old fans alike. The loyalists singing all the words when “helicopter” landed and “this modern love” rang out. It was one of the better shows I have seen lately. New music discovered because of a great live show is so much more fun to absorb.

I hope they make it on to the Lolla bill again. Don’t miss any chance to see these guys.

Cooper out.




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