Tina Dico, Schuba’s 3-22!!

26 03 2009



Tina Dico is a lanky blonde from Denmark. Nothing is rotten in the state where she comes from. She took over the stage at Schuba’s on Sunday night and had the crowd eating out of her hand. She is best known on this side of the pond for her vocal contributions to Zero 7, which is great in it’s own rite, but it is kind of like saying Chicago is a town in Illinois.

Most of her material was from her new album “a beginning, a detour, an open ending” which she claimed were actually 3 EP’s. The concept of  many paths and roads repeating often.  She channels someone older; someone who has been broken and wishes to share her mistakes so others don’t tread in her shoes. Tina is fixated on people who are stuck. Her lyrics are not easy. Her smooth delivery coats the pain.

The song “stains” was especially grand and she told a story about it having a hold over her.

She had a guitarist and a guest vocalist from Iceland, Helgi Jonsson. Their chemistry on stage was palpable. The vocals  from the icelandic one added a layer of ethereal spark. His passion on the trombone, piano and in his voice a great addition to Tina’s cool delivery.  She has a great voice that is powerful, yet vulnerable.

She had just performed at the ubiquitous SXSW earlier in the week. One can hope that she makes it big here in the US, but it is nice to have her as a little off the beaten path performer that you can catch at Schubas on a Sunday night.

Thank you Tina. Hurry back please.

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