Rihanna Hearts Guns?

26 03 2009

rRihanna recently unveiled new tattoos – hand guns on her ribs!  Is it me or does it seem like some kind of unconscious need for protection???  I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’… 

Posted by Garvey




One response

31 03 2009

Rihanna needs to grow up. SHe was released from the relative protective environment of Barbados and sent to Hollywood where even seasoned white male artistes, can be swallowed whole.
She is a kid operating in sometimes vicious adult world. Generally, the only one who thinks he/she is mature and knows everything at 21 is the 21 year old. In 10 years time perhaps she will truly know how little she really knew even the year before.
What an incredible public juxtaposition: “good girl gone bad”/ abuse victim who returns to her abuser. Not only Rihanna, but her family also, must be suffering. At some point, she will listen and perhaps begin to heal.

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