You Might Like Lucky Bitch

25 03 2009

10 reasons you will like the band, Lucky Bitch.

1. You feel a burning need to listen to slutty classic rock played by hot chicks.
2. You like Mexican food and margaritas.
3. You can totally relate to songs titled, I Was So Drunk I Was Crying, and Fuck That Bitch.
4. You collect hand decorated CDs.
5. You appreciate bitches who refer to themselves as bitches.
6. You love the band Northern State and any side projects that its members take on.
7. You like to party.
8. You like to drink.
9. You like to jump around and dance.
10. You like to rock.

Check out Lucky Bitch, I think you’ll like them. Here’s their myspace page. You can order their hand decorated EP, Easy On The Ice, here for only 5 buckaroos. And, last but not least, you can grab Easy On The Ice on itunes here –

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