Aw, Elvis, You So Sweet!

23 03 2009

In case you didn’t already find Elvis to be a bit disturbing, a poem that he wrote and apparently used to recite on stage all the time is currently up for auction. The poem is a lovely little number about a bird singing so sweetly and then Elvis crushing it’s skull. How nice. Please read that last sentence as, dripping with sarcasm. Why anyone would want to own this window into Elvis’ neurosis is beyond me, but the current bid is over 7 grand. Of course bidding is anonymous, but I can think of at least one famous person off the top of my head who might enjoy a poem about animal abuse. And that person’s name rhymes with Shlichael Shlick.

Here’s a shot of the poem. And, in all seriousness, it is pretty disturbing, so consider this fair warning.


Posted by Garvey




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