An Horse – Rearrange Beds

17 03 2009


Rearrange Beds, the first full length album from Australian duo, An Horse is out today on Mom and Pop records. Of course I’ve had it since October because I get special deals for being a music blogger. So eat it. Just kidding. I don’t get deals. I bought it from the merch table when they were last in town and then stood near the back and quietly watched them kick Chicago’s rock and roll ass while I freaked out and fell in love all in my head. Since that time last fall, Rearrange Beds has been on nonstop rotation in my ears. It is some seriously good music. Go buy it now. I promise you’ll love it, there’s not one bad song on the album.

I also just saw An Horse again the other night here in Chicago, and will have a review up soon so check back! And, yes, I stood to the side and privately freaked out in my own head during that entire show as well.

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18 03 2009

Got my copy at a show in November and love it!!!

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