OMG! BMG is calling it quits.

16 03 2009



BMG will be ceasing operations 6-30-2009. No more 12 CDs for the price of one. Don’t bother doing the math; it was never that simple. Columbia House closed up shop last year.

I remember the temptation in college. The little catalogue was always calling my name. The main reason I never committed, was a lack of imports. I was into the 4AD label. I mean everyone needed a copy of Bad Company’s “10 from 6”, but I needed “Treasure” and “Heaven or Las Vegas” from the Cocteau Twins. I always got a little jealous when I would see the CD box full o goodness, but that usually just prompted me to head over the local record store and dive into the bins for several hours. Treasure hunting and therapy in one stop.

So, is this yet another victim of the digital revolution? I don’t think so. The recording industry needs to stop whining and figure out how to change their delivery methods. I don’t get it. The artists have taken the leap and have had gargantuan success. The so called ‘brick and mortar’ entities can still exist. Just like the auto industry and the politico machine, we need new blood and new ideas. Stop whining and start creating.


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16 03 2009

I’m so surprised that, “If it looks too good to be true it usually is, but we think the consumer is too dumb to figure it out” has been replaced by the simple transparency of, “99 cents per song, less if you buy a whole album.” Who knew?

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