Black Eyed Peas infected by autotune virus.

25 02 2009


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What is it about autotune that it has become a prereq in all hip hop/ rnb/ 808 songs?  BEP have a new song out “Boom Boom Pow.” I know the main question resonating with the listening masses out there; “Is this better than “My humps”?”  Of course it is! But that is not saying much. The autotune has taken yet another victim. Is it just me or did we not go through this in the 90’s with Cher? Fergie is most definitely a guilty pleasure, but what happened to Black Eyed Peas of old. “Lil, lil” and “Weekend” being 2 fantastic forays into LA hip hop, replete with bboys and all. The new single doesn’t have much novelty to add to the current set of singles out there. I am more concerned with the mystery behind the release date of the new Missy Elliott CD, “Block Party”.

The new BEP album, the E.N.D., comes out June 9th.

Anyways….here is a link fer ya.
Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow | 5STARHIPHOP.COM


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7 03 2009

Here is a pretty cool remix of this song

The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Russ Castella Remix)

Video at

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