We Believe In Vince P!

20 02 2009

vinceWe recently had the amazing opportunity to interview Chicago hip-hop sensation and SXSW performer, Vince P. Check the interview below and to hear samples of Vince’s kick-ass music, check out his myspace page here.

Earbudz: I love your sound, it’s fun and decidedly different from most of what’s currently getting radio play. How would you describe your sound?

Vince: I call my music the “NEW NEW”. It is the new stuff that comes out after the new stuff. For instance it is 2009 so the new car models will be the 2010 models my music is the “New New” so it is like the 2011 models or even the 2012 models. I try to stay way ahead of the game and times with my sound so when you listen it is like listening to the future.

Earbudz: The music industry is definitely a saturated industry, what sets you apart from everyone else?

Vince: The fact that I am ahead of everyone else I think is what really sets me apart. I also make music all over the board. You might catch me rocking over a Justice track and the next day I am rocking over a Saved By The Bell sample. I am all over the place, but one thing that remains constant is that whatever I make it is dope. There are only a hand full of artist out there that can do that and the one I give the most props for staying consistent and being a star on whatever track it is that she rocks is M.I.A.

Earbudz: Your debut full length album, The Next Big Thing In Pop Culture, is set to drop this summer. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Vince: I am planning on releasing the project as an indie with distribution through Universal, but as of late everything is picking up so much that all types of people are coming to the table hitting me up. I have at least two majors which I have shied away from that I communicate with weekly that are looking to work something out. So for right now I am just going to release the mix tape “Too Cool For School” in April and maybe push back the album. I might do something crazy and try to come out in the 4th Quarter with all the heavy hitters just to see where I fall.

As for the album I have a couple songs already recorded. I am working with a producer from the future like me by the name of Wild Beats / Chris Paden he is currently being considered to be an understudy for Polow Da Don and Akon. I have a record from a guy I helped mentor that just got a placement on the new 50 Cent record – look out for the song it is called Strong Enough 50 Cent, and I am just waiting to be inspired to record the rest of the album.

Earbudz: The Next Big Thing In Pop Culture will be released through your own label, 10thDimension. What was the driving force behind starting your own label to start off with?

Vince: Creative control! I mean although music is highly commercialized it is still art. The bottom line is I do not want some record label executive or A&R telling me I need to fix this or I need to do that. MUSIC IS ART! I guarantee that you would not find someone telling Picasso to repaint Starry Night because it needs some brighter colors or Michelangelo to re paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling because the hand of God is a little off. With me being an indie I have the ability to be a Picasso and a Michelangelo and not just some commercialized artist.

Earbudz: I see pictures of I Believe In Vince P tee shirts floating about your MySpace page (including one of Hugh Laurie lending his autograph to a tee). What’s the background on I Believe In Vince P and where can the earbudz get their own tees?

Vince: The stuff you are seeing on myspace is just the precursor to the full blown “I Believe In Vince P” campaign. The full campaign will be rolled out in 4th quarter 2009. Right now I have little things like Ibelieveinvincep.wordpress.com which is on pace to do 60,000 – 80,000 unique visitors in February. Which is insane because I am an artist! I am not a blogger I just see cool stuff on the net and post it on my blog and people read it. I also did the I Believe In Vince P video which did like 100,000 views on youtube in less than a week.

The response to the initial portions of the I Believe In Vince P campaign has been huge. I am interested to see what happens when the entire plan is rolled out. As for the T-Shirts they will be free! Yes free I have a corporate sponsor that is picking up the tab on that for everyone.

Earbudz: You’re set to play SXSW as well as Coachella parties (Congratulations!). Any tour plans once the album drops so that earbudz readers across the US can see you?

Vince: Right now I am just planning on knocking out March and April and going from there. In March I am starting at the Harvest Of Hope Festival in St Augustine Fl then hitting Atlanta and New Orleans then SXSW. In April I am planning a West Coast tour with a management company out here in Chicago called Yea Man! they represent some pretty dope DJsin Black Holes and a real nice artist Keith Masters. Then I have some things in the works to end up on the “Rock The Bells Tour”, but that is still tentative and you will find me on a U.S Tour in Fall of 2009 (More details to come on that soon).

Thanks Vince!

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20 02 2009

YES! I love this guy!

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