Kelly Clarkson’s new album leaks. Itunes Norway has a shortage of plumbers.

20 02 2009


Kelly’s reaction upon hearing the news.

Those lucky Norwegians can thank a glitch in Itunes that allowed them to download All I Ever Wanted, the new album by Ms. Kelly “i am not gay” Clarkson on Friday. Feeling blessed, many have decided to share the goodness that is KC with the web. I went and had a listen and I really like it. (i will buy the album when it comes out :)) She is Brit Brit with a lot more singing talent and fewer handlers. She has gone back to the formula that worked so well for her first two releases.

a few thoughts…
“Save you” one republic, as interpreted by an american idol.
“If i can’t have you” pop bliss with synth garnish and a side of vocoder. yummy. (my favorite i think)
“My life would suck without you” undecided.
“Whyyawannabringmedown” rocker quota met.
“All i ever wanted” title track….return to form 🙂 bring on the video.

She has a litany of writers working with her…. Sam Watters penned 3 of her songs. Name doesn’t ring a bell. Let me refresh your memory.

Seriously though…I like what she did with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder. Katy Perry and some of her “annoying” throwaways contributions make a few appearance. Louis Biancaniello, who has scribed songs for Leona Lewis and Ms. High-Waisted Jessica Simpson, rounds out the writing staff.

Thank God I have my guilty pleasure void filled again….. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.


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