Strange bandfellows….

19 02 2009

I read about bands today that are made up of some interesting peeps. The first is Freeland…. Now this is not really a new band per se. Adam Freeland has been making some pretty sweet dance music for the past decade. He got a boatload of recent press b/c of his wicked mix of Aer Obama a mash up of Daft Punk (the video with all the kids’ toys, brazilliant!). So now he has a psuedo super combo, with members from Spinnerette and DEVO as well as Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson’s church group.

The next group you may have heard about on Pitchfork or MTV today is Tinted Windows. It is James Iha, Smashing Pumpkin’s original guitarist, Taylor from HANSON, the drummer from Cheap Trick, Bun E. Carlos (what kind of name is bun?) and Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger. 2 of the 4 are from Chicago bands, way to represent!!! Supposedly an album is in the hopper and they will debut at SXSW.
I trolled around a bit, but can’t find any mp3s.

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