An Imogen Heap hit for those waiting for her new CD….your interpretation!!

15 02 2009


I LOVE IMOGEN HEAP!!!!!!!!!!! i am anxiously awaiting her new disc. she has donated some vocals to the which is being put on by Twitter. she had vocal parts for “a song that never was”. it was supposed to be for a kids television show. the vocals don’t have any music background, and she has asked people to get creative. she has also asked the site to post people’s mixes and they are so different and fun to listen to. The vocals will be up for about a month. Are you ready to create a masterpiece? They are trying to raise some moeny for clean drinking water for those without. Giving is not easy right now, but the need is still there. There are over 400 tracks that musicians from Bloc Party to Ingrid Michaelson to James Yuill (a budz favorite) have donated. Go check it out. Give what you can.



The link below sends you to vocals and remixes. scroll down a bit, my favorite is 21.




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