DJ app that even this budz can have fun with

14 02 2009

We all know the future of music sales and delivery is changing rapidly. Artists are no longer dependent on radio play or record labels. Thank God. I will fill you in on the new deal Groove Armada has with Bacardi in another post. The iphone and the ipod touch got a new app yesterday, from an Irish company, Future Audio Workshop. I bought it on the spot, because I have delusional ideas about being a DJ and I love deadmau5, the Canadian electronica producer that was the subject of one of my very first blogs. It is a mixing application with snippets from 10 deadmau5 tracks. So basically, partial MP3’s that you can remix into your own little ditties.


mixing board from deadmau5 app

It took me several tries before I grasped a few of the concepts. Luckily, there were a few how to vids on Youtube! The MP3s are not full songs and since I have the touch if tracks are updated frequently, I won’t have receive that info immediately, the way an iphone user might. It is fun once you get going. You can toggle between tracks, change tempo, loop (the hardest feature for me to do well) and even scratch!! The software also allows you to plug in and start DJing at a party. Too bad none of my friends really dig fidget house and electroclash. Their loss. I was playing with this until the wee hours of the morning. Practice makes perfect.

The only downsides to this app (and for $2.99 who am I to complain?) are that you cannot record your new creations and only a few parts of the song are available. This is just the first generation of this exciting product, I imagine future versions might address this. To be devil’s advocate though…the platform is small and there is software available for serious peeps to use on computers.

I love how artists are thinking outside of the box to get their music to fans. Watch out guys. Coops is in the hizouse.

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