Science Wednesday

11 02 2009

mitchell1Hey nerds, time for a little science mixed in with your music. Have you ever noticed how places that tend to cause you pain (i.e. dentist’s office) also tend to play music continuously? This is because music has always been thought to have healing and/or calming properties. That thought process has recently been proven. Researchers at Glasgow’s Caledonian University ran a study that had 80 people put their right hands into frigid water. The people were split into three groups: one listened to music, one stared at paintings, and the other stared at a blank wall. The people who’d been listening to music were able to keep their hands in the water for 30 percent longer, and their ratings of pain intensity were almost 50 percent lowemitchell2r. Check out the graphs. You can also click here to read the full article. Pretty cool stuff.

Yet more proof as to why music rules.

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3 responses

12 02 2009

scottish people rock.

12 02 2009

Eh, I’d give ’em a… meh.

12 02 2009
Mr. Stratford

I’d like to see the study reevaluated. They need to give people a real sense of urgency, have them dunk their bits and pieces in a bucket of ice water, then see what happens.

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