Wilson Phillips

10 02 2009

I’ve been in the middle of an email conversation all morning regarding karaoke this evening. Of course, Wilson Phillips came up – don’t ask me why the people in my life prefer to sing Hold On EVERY time they karaoke. My friend sent me this video and I just watched it and realized just how ridiculous it is. Okay, I know that it was the nineties, but still… why the hell are they in the mountains? And then why do they end up in the beach? And why is Carnie in an overcoat on the beach? Does she have a rifle underneath that overcoat or something??? Is she killing seals??? I love how they basically hid Carnie in clothes because she’s the fat one. It’s like they said, “Okay you’re fat so we’re going to hide you in pants, two shirts, a jacket and an overcoat. You other two skinny girls, please wear the skimpiest dresses possible to make up for Fatty, here.” Anyway… I just felt the need to share about Wilson Phillips. Here’s the vid, enjoy…

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One response

10 02 2009

Oh man flashback to Girl Scouts, riding in my mom’s van and everyone singing along to this song…..

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