N.A.S.A. and why these guys are huge or will be after 2/17.

3 02 2009



North America South America are two guys,  Squeak E. Clean (sam spiegel, spike jonze’s bro) and DJ Zegon, who are really good at getting people to say yes. So how good? Good enough to get, David Byrne, Tom Waits, M.I.A., Kanye West, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scarface, the Wu-Tang Clan, Chuck D, Lykke Li, Santogold and George Clinton all to collaborate on their upcoming release, The Spirit of Apollo. That is just the short list.

They met back in 2003 and it has taken six years for the completed album to become a reality. Maybe because they had real people, doing real vocals. No autotune on this baby. Apollo is due out 2/17.

They will be at Coachella and are going all out. “We have Martian booty-dancer girls, crazy cyclops aliens, people in astronaut suits,” Spiegel says. I have a feeling these guys will be as much a visual act as and aural one.

I have heard a few leaked tracks and these guys are fun; not mind blowing, but what you need to get a party started. Kind of a new type of mix tape perhaps….Very hip hip-hop.

NASA will be in Chicago at Abbey Pub March 7th.

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3 02 2009
Mr. Stratford

Martian booty-dancer girls?!? Too bad I’ll be busy with various Watchmen related activities.

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