Just can’t get this video out of my head.

26 02 2009

I miss MTV. The videos came to you. Some of the visual art coming out now is so much more striking than most of the clips back then.  A great example is the video by Fever Ray “When I Grow Up”. I saw this last week and just can’t stop thinking about it. Fever Ray is the sister half, Karin Dreijer Andersson, of the group the Knife. Her solo disc came out last month. Check out the vid. She will also be contributing vocals to two of the tracks from the new disc by Royksopp that comes out March 24th.


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Tinted Windows tease a little…

25 02 2009

There are a few snippets of video letting us digest some of the new sounds from Tinted Windows. They play a little bit from 2 songs, one is “Kind of a girl” and the other “Messing with my head.”  It is guitar heavy pop; syrup with nuts in it. Have a feeling it will be infectious and make the Jonas Brother a little uncomfortable.

They debut at SXSW next month.

Is it just me or is Taylor Hanson channeling Corey Feldman?

Black Eyed Peas infected by autotune virus.

25 02 2009


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What is it about autotune that it has become a prereq in all hip hop/ rnb/ 808 songs?  BEP have a new song out “Boom Boom Pow.” I know the main question resonating with the listening masses out there; “Is this better than “My humps”?”  Of course it is! But that is not saying much. The autotune has taken yet another victim. Is it just me or did we not go through this in the 90’s with Cher? Fergie is most definitely a guilty pleasure, but what happened to Black Eyed Peas of old. “Lil, lil” and “Weekend” being 2 fantastic forays into LA hip hop, replete with bboys and all. The new single doesn’t have much novelty to add to the current set of singles out there. I am more concerned with the mystery behind the release date of the new Missy Elliott CD, “Block Party”.

The new BEP album, the E.N.D., comes out June 9th.

Anyways….here is a link fer ya.
Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow | 5STARHIPHOP.COM


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Quick Hits News

25 02 2009

pink1Just a few quick bites of news today, folks!

First up, according to a source quoted by U.K. tabloid, The Sun, Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen have a collaboration in the works.  The ladies are planning on recording some tracks with Lohan’s girlfriend (and user of bad myspace blogging grammar), Samantha Ronson, while the three are on holiday in the Bahamas.  I love Lily Allen and I like Lohan… sober… should be interesting!

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark – the MUSICAL has officially gotten the green light and musical stylings will be provided by Bono and U2!  I probably won’t see it, but hey… at least it’s something different.

Steven Page has left the Barenaked Ladies by “mutual agreement” (wtf that means).  I’m sad.  I love the Barenaked Ladies.  And, I love Kraft dinner.

An unreleased recording of The Beatles performing Revolution 1 off of The White Album has hit the interwebs. It has not yet been authenticated, but people are freaking out about it nonetheless.

Pink kicked off her latest tour last night in Nice and she seems to have taken a page from Cher’s guide-to-touring by incorporating lots of huge, colorful costumes and crazy sets.  Also… Pink is hot.  So hot.

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Bon Iver – Blood Bank

24 02 2009

I was just sitting here thinking about my deep seeded love for Bon Iver…

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M. Ward, Hold Time

24 02 2009


Normally the easiest way to make me throw up in my mouth is to offer up any kind of country or folk music. However, when it comes to alt. country/folk rocker, M. Ward, I make an exception. More specifically, when it comes to M. Ward’s latest record, Hold Time. Hold Time brings a bluesy and, at times, lush and dreamy feel to M. Ward’s usual country folk sound. It’s the real deal, and, in my opinion, Ward’s best offering yet. The album features contributions from Zooey Deschanel, Jason Lytle, and Lucinda Williams (on an awesome rework of Oh Lonesome Me). Check it out, you can stream the entire album for free at Spinner.

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New Music From Bat For Lashes!

23 02 2009

Bat For Lashes posted a short promo video on youtube giving us a little teasing taste of their upcoming album, Two Suns. The vid’s a little weird, but I’m totally into the music and loving Two Suns already. Obviously the purpose of this promo vid has completely worked on me.

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