A Chat With West Coast Hotness Sean Wiggins

23 01 2009


Southern California lady rocker, Sean Wiggins, recently sat down with the budz to give us a glimpse into her musical life and upcoming album…

Earbudz:  Recently you had two songs featured on the soundtrack for LOGO’s Sordid Lives, as well as songs featured on the film, Changing Spots.  How did this come about for you?

Sean: I played Bitsy Mae Harling, one of the characters in the series. I played the role in the national tour of the play, “Sordid Lives”, which toured the year before the series came out. Del Shores, the writer & director, liked my music and used 3 tunes in episodes of the new series. “Changing Spots” is a new full length feature that came out last year. I have to admit that I have friends who starred in, wrote and produced the film. Despite that, they felt certain tunes just were perfect for their film! I am thankful.

Earbudz: I heard a rumor that you’re currently finishing up a new album. Do you have a release date set yet?  What can we expect with this new offering from Sean Wiggins?

Sean: Well, almost finished is a bit exaggerated, but it is on the way! I expect it will be done by summer and it will have a serious variety. It has some more rock type tunes and then it has brought back some of my earlier style. It is very introspective and exposes a lot of emotion.

Earbudz: Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process? A lot of your songs seem deeply personal.  Is it ever weird to share those with the world?

Sean: Generally I write when I am inspired by shit in my life. I also like to write when I see interesting things around me in the world or if I see other people experiencing wild stuff. Usually I don’t write about happy lovey stuff – just does not inspire me. Wish it did. Is something wrong with me?

Earbudz: No, I’d say you’re a typical artist. 🙂  You have been making music for years. With this new album coming out, can you tell us a little bit about the progression of your music through the years?

Sean: Well, I started out my solo career playing and touring with a harmonica player. I wrote more singer/songwriter type material. Everything was really wordy and kind of deep. Then I put together a band of friends and we have added some more rock and country. Plus, I started to try to write for other artists in mind for my material. Wanted to sell some tunes. Now, I would say, the style is getting rootsy and back to being deep and wordy, but with a band! I am excited!

Earbudz: You play a lot of shows that seem to concentrate mostly along the west coast, but you do make it out to see us in the Midwest every once in a while.

Sean: I play all over Southern California and I also have some fan base in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, St Louis and NY.

Earbudz: What do you like about Chicago that keeps you coming back?

Sean: I love the people. Playing for a Chicago crowd just rocks. The people interact with me and I love it! My shows are always about banter between me & the crowd and interaction between us! It just makes the show that much more fun and makes me pick better songs for the shows. I will change my set completely based on what it seems the crowd will respond to, and Chicago is the best!

Earbudz: You last played the Reeling Film Festival here in Chicago for the second year in a row.  How do you like working with Reeling?

Sean: We played The Festival twice now! Was a blast. The shows were packed both years and we gained a bunch of new fans and Chicago fans come back! Thanks Chicago!!!!!!

***For more info. on Sean Wiggins, go to www.seanwiggins.com***

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