9 albums, yes entire albums, i am stoked for in 09.

23 01 2009

animal collective – merriwether post pavillion.  read the review….

doves – title unknown. april 2009. this is one of my favorite bands. manchester keeps them coming. these guys were around before coldplay. and were one of the first to integrate a dance element into stadium hooks!!! yes.

massive attack – they perfected triphop back in the early 90s. the new album, Lp5, is rumored to be titled weather undergroundwitha projected fall release. they are also going to release a comp album paying tribute to many of the songs they have sampled. this group keeps things interesting by collaborating  with acts as varied as snoop dogg to liz fraiser from the cocteau twins. they are uberinvolved with humanitarian issues. the visual element of their chicago show 2 years ago was beyond powerful.

missy elliottblock party  Feb. 20th. It has been a while since she got her freak on, but she always keeps things fun, the way hip hop should be.

dan black – the more i hear from this kid the more i like him. he is being touted as one of england’s up and comers. he loves hip hop and falsetto. sugary pop goodness. http://www.myspace.com/danblacksound

imogen heap.  truly one of my most favorite musicians. she has been vblogging her “process”. her quirky kookiness can wear a little thin, but this should be one the year’s highlights…now if we could get another serving of Frou Frou life would be grand.

kelly clarkson – title unknown.  since she’s been gone i have been a little void of a great guilty pleasure. i hope her new album is closer to her post idol efforts and not so much rock you like a hurricane.

timbalandShock Value 2. the collaborators/guests/featuring list on this album looks phenomenal, BUT that info along with a release date has all been shot down as rumors. justin timberlake has some appearances that should tide peeps over until his new album drop .

coldplay – untitled, by the end of 2009. their biological “rocker” clocks are ticking. chris martin has taken back his promise to retire by the end of the year, citing cockamamie reporting and too much macrobiotic food. i love this band and am willing to put up with endless teasing.


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