For Those With Extra Cash

16 01 2009


Are you REALLY into vinyl?  Have an extra 64k lying around? If so, you might want to check out this sweet set of turntables. The Gabriel Turntable is manufactured by Italian Company, Angelis Labor (leave it to the Italians – my people, of course – to make everything extravagant), and was debuted last week at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The Gabriel is made from stainless steel, aluminum and bronze and can be customized with anywhere from one to four arms. The parts are made in a Ferrari factory in Modena, Italy. The Gabriel is a magnetic suspension turntable which helps reduce vibration, thus ensuring top sound quality. The entire mechanism sits on a custom-built, vibration-dampening table. A one-armed model costs about $27,000, while a four-armed model runs for $64,000.  Angelis Labor is currently shopping their turntable to specialty stores.

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