Straight To Hell vs Paper Planes

8 01 2009

With the increasing popularity of M.I.A.’s song, Paper Planes, (thanks to the ridiculously awesome movie, Slumdog Millionaire) there seems to be a growing indignation among the internet music community.  So, I’m just going to lay it to rest and put it out there:  Paper Planes samples one of the greatest Clash songs ever, Straight To Hell.  There, I said it.  People are all pissy because the general public isn’t recognizing that M.I.A. sampled Straight To Hell.  Yes, the general public tends to be ignorant (see who we elected President the last two terms in a row – thank Sweet Baby Jesus we came to our senses on that one).  But, musicians sample great songs all of the time, so relax, people!  I mean, look at Puff Daddy P. Diddy Sean Combs Diddy.  I think 80% of his music is sampled and 100% of the songs that made him popular were all sampled.  It happens!  Sheesh!  For those of you who weren’t aware, though, here is a vid of The Clash rocking Straight To Hell.

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One response

8 01 2009
Mr. Stratford

God, people really are stupid. That fact aside, I love M.I.A.’s Paper Planes and coincidentally – I plan on watching Pineapple Express (uncut) tonight, which the song also appears in. Love that version of Straight to Hell as well. Think I’m going to go download it now. Weeeeeee…….

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