Apple Removes DRM

8 01 2009


In a move that will finally remove all anticopying restrictions from iTunes songs, Apple announced Tuesday that they will lose D.R.M. and allow record companies to set their own prices for the music (rather than the current set price of 99 cents per song). For less popular songs, prices will probably drop to 69 cents per song.  For more popular songs, they’ll go up to about $1.29 per song.  Simple supply and demand, folks. This actually makes me happy because #1, I like to share my music with my friends and, #2, most of the music that I like isn’t super “popular” anyway so I’m hoping that I’ll fall into the 69 cent bracket more often than not.

For those that want to strip the anticopying restrictions from their current library, they’ll be able to pay a one time fee of 30 cents per song or 30% of the cost of the album to do so. Or, you can always just burn it to a CD and then re-import it into your library. This sometimes results in a little damage to your sound quality, though.

This is set to begin this week, enjoy!

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