coldplay vs mgmt vs daft punk? yes they can!!!

5 01 2009

um… this is like a bowl of cap’n crunch with chocolate milk and pop rocks…

check out one of my favorite blogs PMA, luis has this breakfast of champions, “kids in technicolor” posted there in a pop out player.

coldplay rule my world. MGMT made one of the best cds of 08. daft punk? well…i attained nirvana when i saw them live. one might argue that mashups are not a big deal anymore b/c of autotuning and beatmatching, but i might disagree…there is a sonic algo-rhythm about matching songs…. this is not the best i have ever heard, but…..

just go listen and have some fun.

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One response

6 01 2009
Mr. Stratford

I dig it. I think mashups most def have a place in this world. It’s just one of those things where you have to search through a lot of crap to find anything worth while. Life is like a box of mashups. Now I going to go punch myself in the d*@k for saying that.

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