Springsteen, a good choice for Superbowl halftime act? This year, absolutely.

31 01 2009

I like Bruce Springsteen. A lot. I think he is just about the perfect halftime act this year. He is the epitome of American music. He is brazen, disarming and at times gut wrenching, just like football. He is coming off of an amazing performance celebrating the inauguration and has a new album out. In spite of the slight Wal-Mart gaff last week, he is a burst of what we need right now as a country. He performs without costume clad dancers or pyrotechnics, the antithesis of over consumption.  It is just him, some 501s, a guitar and a whole lotta heart. Go get em Boss.


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Music festival rumblings…..Coachella kicks off 2009

31 01 2009

mainposterthis time of year is so exciting for me as an avid purveyor of live music. once the coachella lineup announcement comes out and the lollapalooza pre-sale ticket rumor mills start churning, you know spring is only a few months away.

coachella is lolla’s older brother that lives in the california desert. he has an affinity for cool hip bands from the 80s and 90s. think new order et al. coachella wins my heart over musically because of the large electronica offering. lolla wins the reality contest, because it is here. chicago makes for a magnificent background , although the sun setting over the mountains made my 2005 coldplay-headlining-cochella  experience, one of perfection.

the coachella fest is now a three day event and in lieu of the economy, they are offering tickets on layaway this year. it will be interesting to see how the 3 day lolla pass hits the wallet.

drumroll please…

the 3 major headliners are: paul mccartney (scratching my head), the cure and the killers. ummmm? other “big” acts: the yeah, yeah, yeahs, franz ferdinand, amy winehouse (no, no, no) morrisey, my bloody valentine and thievery corp. all in all, kind of a strange big name lineup. it seems tailored to the 40 year olds. i don’t think the killers should headline a night, even though they were great at lolla 4 years ago. the beattle? i have heard more about his divorce in the past few years. the cure is cool and typical of past headliners.

the beauty of these festivals is in the “small” print bands: tvon the radio, fleet foxes, lykki lie, white lies, friendly fires (we heart them here at eb) and the ting tings, along with dozens more that will be fun for some.

needless to say i am not looking into air fares to cali this year. i am hopeful that all of the small print bands will be at lolla in august.

Cyndi Lauper: Shine

30 01 2009

Sorry kids, but Mommy Garvey and Daddy Cooper have been wicked busy at their pay jobs this week and haven’t had the time to post much today or yesterday. Don’t worry, we have a bunch of fun stuff coming up for next week. In the meantime, I leave you with this video to show you how much I love you. One of my favorite artists, one of my favorite songs, piss-poor video quality (hey, I only love you so much), and lyrics to remind you that I will always stand by you!

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Listen To ‘Working On A Dream’

28 01 2009

brucespringsteen_working204Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, Working On A Dream, is currently streaming in full and for free over at spinner.com.

He’s totally still got it.  Check it out.

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Nightmares Or Sweet Dreams?

28 01 2009

What’s your preference?

Nightmares? Thrash metal band, Slayer, will be teaming up with hard rocker, Marilyn Manson, to headline this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour. Okay, maybe that won’t give you nightmares, but I guarantee you’ll get bruises in the crowd if you attend. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Sweet Dreams? Canadian Indie rockers, Metric, are releasing their long awaited album, Fantasies, on April 14. Jimmy Shaw described the new album as “really big and really dreamy.” My little indie heart’s all-a-flutter.

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Thriller… The Musical!

27 01 2009

Michael Jackson recently announced that his hit, Thriller, is being turned into a musical. The musical will be based on the totally kick-ass Thriller video and Jackson is said to be participating in every aspect of the creative process.

I’m guessing this means that we’ll be seeing the Vienna Boys Choir dressed as zombies????

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Arcade Fire Rocking Born In The U.S.A.

26 01 2009

Arcade Fire. Springsteen classic. Obama Inaugural ball. ‘Nuff said.

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