What if wikipedia, imdb and allmusic had a baby????

30 12 2008

They would name it soundunwound. There is a new addition to the Amazon fold, but it is not trying too hard to sell anything. It is a new(er) beta website that invites the viewer/listener to peruse all that is musical and if they see something lacking or not quite right they can “edit” it.

I did the eclectic coopy sweep and found that many of my faves had no bio yet. Will I go back and add my 2 cents? Not sure at this point, but I can see how it would be addictive. IMDB is one of my favorite movie sites and if soundunwound can grow up big and strong like that….well I will be a frequent visitor.

When I first discovered allmusic, back in the infancy of the internet, I thought I had died and gone to useless information heaven, but I rarely visit the site anymore. Maybe because a lot of the data is obsolete and incomplete. I have also enjoyed looking for new info fodder through blogs and more independent avenues.

Good luck in 2009 soundunwound!!!


posted by: cooper




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