My favorite albums of 2008

21 12 2008

I have never done year end accolades, but I have never had a music blog before.  These days purchasing an album in it’s entirety seems almost archaic. I feel there are two types of albums now…those that are concept albums and kind of need to be listened to in whole and those gems that have a bunch of really good singles. For this list, I have considered good EP’s too, because it seems a more expedited way, with more rapid turnover to feed our A.D.D. (at least mine) need for new music.  In no particular order….

Viva La Vida/Prospekts March EP – Coldplay  So Coldplay and Brian Eno nuff said. The late year add on EP showed a different side of Coldplay. BTW, they have rescinded there retirement threat.

Turning Down Water For AirTurning Down Water For Air  –  James Yuill  Folktronica fans rejoice. This guy is great. Blips and bleeps and scratches can be warm and fuzzy. One of my favorite new artists in a long time.

Youth NovelsYouth Novels– Lykke Li     Thank you 90210. Lykke is vulnerable, yet demands your attention.

EmergenceEmergence– Trifonic   Organic electronica with guitar riffs and everyday sounds, from proteges of BT.

Random Album TitleRandom Album Title – Deadmau5  This Canadian musician has changed the landscape of dance music. Really!!!

Down To EarthDown to Earth– Jem  Jem invokes gospel, rap and folktronica in spite of poor record label relations. Thankfully they didn’t ruin it for everybody.

Eyes Wide OpenEyes Wide Open – Olivia Broadfield  Just love her. Accessibly. Female best new artist of the year for me. This years “TV made me” winner.

Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart [Explicit]Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart – Rachel Yamagata   Usually a little toasted on stage she is raw and powerful and makes Chicago proud.

Robyn [Explicit]Robyn – Robyn  Sugary pop that took 3 years to make it to our shores. Can you handle her?

Elevate [Explicit]Elevate– Morgan Page  Tasty originals and remixes including personal favorite Jenny Owen Youngs.

Last Night – Moby  Returning to his roots…no glow sticks necessary.

Strobelite SeductionStrobelite Seduction – Kaskade  His Chicago connection won him resident of the year at Smart Bar. Accessible and always evolving…enter collaboration with Deadmau5

Hello...x We Sing, We Dance. We Steal Things – Jason Mraz   Hello – Tristan Prettyman  Cute, fun, poignant and Left Coast love.

Feed the Animals [Explicit]Feed The Animals – Girltalk  This is my internal monologue after just one cup of coffee. How anyone cannot have fun listening to this is beyond me.


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