Grrrrrrrr. Mixwit to shut down 12/27.

21 12 2008

I got an email from Mixwit on Thursday announcing the final show. Here at Earbudz we embraced Mixwit and frankly  I don’t want to let go. Fun and music, with a dabble of throwback has been a mainstay for us. Sigh. The two founders are considering donating their code for the site to Open Tape project. They also tease that another site could be in there future.

Mixwit and it’s long lost sibling, Muxtape, both announced shut downs because of a litany of threats of lawsuits and bureaucratic BS from the Recording Industry Association of America. ( I wonder if Tipper Gore still hangs out in the lunch room there.) Come on people why do you have to pick on the little guys? Ilike and Imeem have supposedly come to some sort of copyright agreements. Guess I will wander over there.

In similar news, Myspace took it’s and accompanying widgets off this week. Facebook is hunkering down and say they will not pull the app yet. Smells like the scrabulous stand off.  And the grand finale, The  GOP RIAA has said they will stop suing individuals that pirate music, instead demanding that various ISP’s take over the job of watchdog. If a user keeps pirating music they will be “throttled”….t h a t   m e a n s   s l o w i n g    d o w n   t h e    b a n d w i d t h….

My question is this? Why? In an era where music distribution is changing daily, why challenge avenues that create exposure for any band that has a USB port?  There is no consistency though. Anyone can stream music on any number of sites. When you create a playlist you can’t rip it to your computer or ipod, so where is the harm? It is simple I guess…lack of vision and the inability to let go of the past and the almighty dollar.

Mixwitwas fun, homespun and something that made people smile. Hope they find a way to make a comeback in 2009. Good luck guys!!!

Happy holidays, just don’t share a song ok?


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