14 12 2008


the first time i heard the term “folktronica” it was to describe the awesome cd by four tet, pause. i would argue that was not a great album to christen as such, because although the electronic blips and beeps were warm, there were no true vocals.

singersongwritertronica, doesn’t flow as easily off the tongue, but i think that is a better name for this genre. i think true folk artists would beat down an 808 or any synthesiser type apparatus if they saw one…or maybe it try and burn it with incense.

i love electronica. songs without words don’t bother me. maybe because i was cultured by bands like cocteau twins and dif juz that used vocals like instruments. the warm dub of burial or jazztronica fusion of bt can soothe the most broken heart because there are no word associations. brilliant. like always, i digress.

enter james yuill (left), the newest darling to be dubbed folktronic. he is great and a true representation of folktronica.  his  fantastic and accessible album, turning down water for air, is in my top 10 of 2008. i have hit repeat so many times on the pod, it just knows to play it again.

i feel as though there are a group of artists that have been passed over as pioneering folktronies. the postal service are in the urban dictionary in my mind, as the picture next to the word. william fitzsimmons 2nd album, goodnight, is brilliant. (he has retreated back to the folk side though :() he says that he was inspired by the group paper route, who imho has one of the best songs of 2008 with, “are we all forgotten.” fink, imogen heap, kate havnevik, milosh, i am jen…i could go on for hours. these are my people.

give james yuill a listen. you will be pleasantly surprised. he is not on itunes anymore…why do they take things off? so you can find him on amazon in the mp3 store.

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