(RED)WIRE. Give. Receive. And did i mention music?

8 12 2008

redwirelogo2In the spirit of giving and novel gift ideas I will be checking out the new product RED ezine that launches this Wed. It is a cool concept. For the same prices as a ginourmous latte,  5$ a month, you will have access to a weekly ezine chock full of exclusive tunes from the likes of Jay Z, Coldplay, Cheryl Crow, Death Cab for Cutie, Usher…. You get the gist.  The even better part is that half of your subscription cost, will also cover the cost of medicines that treat AIDS in Afric.

I have to give the RED guys some props for continuing to come up with new ideas to spread awareness about AIDS and make giving and receiving one in the same. The website is pretty cool. They were supposed to launch for World AIDS day, but didn’t hit the ground running. I will report back after tour the goods and let you know what’s what.

You can sign up for two free issues at   http://www.redwire.com/


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