The Killers + M83 = Pure Musical Magic

2 12 2008

The Killers have officially announced that French electro-rock band, M83, will be opening for them on their U.S. tour that starts in January.  M83 just came off of their own ridiculously successful U.S. tour, and are currently opening for the other current love of my life, Kings of Leon, in the UK.  If you were debating whether or not it would be worth it to see The Killers next year, let me tell you that it is now MORE THAN WORTH IT!

Here’s a vid for my favorite M83 song, We Own The Sky. Unfortunately, this was the best one that I could find on YouTube, and it’s an Urban Outfitters video. Urban Outfitters is lame-o, but M83 rules and I had my heart set on posting this song, and when I get this way… well, you all get stuck with things like this. Just hit play and then close your eyes and enjoy for about 1:45.

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